Me in today’s Sunday Mail and Daily Record!

Ooh, I’m in today’s Sunday Mail! Excitement! My friend Kara in Glasgow snapped this shot of the paper in Tesco this morning and sent it over. And here are of  Versions sent over by the paper. Personally, I rather like the draped-on-trolley look. Much more authentic. Makes me feel like I was in Glasgow and actually saw the paper. Very excited about seeing the actual thing whenever my mum gets round to sticking one in the post for me!



Here’s the link to the version that ran in the online version of the paper – it’s the same story, but you can actually read it and not just mock me for looking like such a complete tumshie in the photos. I’m not 100% sure if I’m more embarrassed about the Mail having run with that woeful shot of me in the bearskin hat or about the one where I’m paying homage to a photo of Rod Stewart in a Scottish bar in Seattle… –

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