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THE SCOTTISH AMBASSADOR, Learning How To Be Scottish in America, a travel memoir by Aefa Mulholland

An ex-pat Scot persuades perplexed Americans to teach her how to be Scottish. Across 11 states, she finds locals to show her how to do stereotypical Scottish things that she never did growing up in Glasgow, from Scottish country dancing in Hawaii and attempting bagpipe lessons in Louisiana to playing her first round of golf on a rattlesnake-infested desert course in Arizona and going on a Gaelic immersion course on a ranch full of cats in Texas. Along the way, she learns about what it means to be Scottish, what it means to be Scottish-American and what it means to be at home so far from home.


Aefa Mulholland is an award-winning travel writer. Born in Glasgow, Scotland, she now divides her time between Toronto and Glasgow. Aefa has worked with national broadcasters in the UK, Ireland and Canada, and with a plethora of publications from The Miami Herald to The Irish Times. She has been published or broadcast on four continents, writing or presenting on subjects from mule racing in Montana to the hazards of bingo in Glasgow to the best beach builders for your private island to partying with The Pixies in Dublin. Her work has won a Northern Lights Award for Excellence in Travel Writing and an Irish Film Board award.

Other things that Aefa has won include a national poetry competition (aged 6) for a heartfelt poem about a dead deer, £3 betting on a mouse race in North Tipperary and $12 in the New York State Lottery.

The Scottish Ambassador, published by P+H Books, is her first full length book. It’s available from, Amazon, Book Depository and can be ordered from local bookstores. Chicken and Hen, a short book about her family’s adoption of a tiny, talkative three-year-old from the other side of town, was published in July 2015, and is also available from Amazon and P+H Books.



“Hilarious… Enjoy a great travelogue and human interest tale of small towns and big people enjoying their own tartan heavens all over America.” The Daily Record

“Very funny and entertaining… Too many books as po-faced and serious as my own are craving attention. The Scottish Ambassador will amuse readers of every political stripe and will be popular with both Scots patriots and their critics.” Alasdair Gray

“Welcome to the USA – the United Scots of America – as chronicled by a Glasgow-born author who has spent years documenting the good, the bad and the crazy subcultures of our expats across the pond.” The Sunday Mail



TITLE: The Scottish Ambassador, Learning How To Be Scottish in America

AUTHOR: Aefa Mulholland

PUBLISHER: Ponies and Horses Books,

FORMATS: Hardback, paperback, e-book

DATE OF PUBLICATION: Hardback 20th August 2015, paperback and e-book 3rd October 2015

RETAIL PRICE: Hardback US$24.99/CDN$34.99/STG£15.99; Paperback US$15.99/CDN$19.99/STG£10.99; E-book US$9.99/CDN$12.99/STG£6.99

ISBN: Hardback 9781910631713, Paperback 9781910631096, Kindle 9781910631126, PDF 9781910631102, EPUB 9781910631119

PAGE COUNT: 290 pages



P+H Books UK, The HLG, 1081 Argyle Street, Finnieston, Glasgow G3 8LZ,

P+H Books Canada, Box 271, Stn C, Toronto, ON, Canada, M6J 3P4



Twitter @AefaMulholland, @ScoAmbassador, @PoniesNHorses


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