What Would an Angry Scotsman Do?

WWASDI am really enjoying the “WWASD” decision spin wheel thingy. It’s my favourite souvenir from the trip I did to Savannah, Warm Springs and Atlanta for the Georgia chapter of the book. Sometimes it IS hard to choose whether to “Berate a Tourist” or “Gie a Sassenach a Bleachin’”*. And sometimes there’s really nothing for it but to “Give a Steely Glare” or “Use Colorful Language.”

Inside the folder there’s a handy wee list of vital vocab, that anyone visiting my homeland should probably learn off. Twelve different words meaning “idiot” or “stupid person.” Despite being away from home seventy five million years at this stage, I still use “numpty,” “eedjit” and “daftie” a fair bit.

I’ve seen the What Would A Unicorn Do equivalent, but all I can remember of unicorn options is that they sometimes “Whinny and Rear,” “Majestically Gallop” and “Chase a Rainbow.” Some days I prefer unicorn options. Some days I’ve done all the tourist-berating and Sassenach-bleachin’ I can and would happily settle for a bit of a majestic gallop.

* What’s a Sassenach? Why would one deserve a bleachin? A Sassenach is an English person and therefore deserving of regular bleachins.

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