The English Ambassador

Despite my staunchly Scottish take on life, it might surprise some readers to know that one of the contenders for the role of my very favourite human is, in fact, English. That’s right, he’s a Sassenach! An eight-year-old Sassenach called Wee Joe.

Wee Joe  is (a) wee, (b) named after my dad and (c) my nephew.

I have worked very hard to win Number 1 Aunt position and could not have been more proud than when he told me he was going to be a travel writer and photographer when he grew up.

I have been telling him about my Scottish Ambassador travels and was delighted to stumble upon Wee Joe’s own travel blog, the charmingly named The Engilish Travel.

This is my favourite post “I want to go to these 3 countrys“. I asked him what exactly about Portugal’s “pavments” made them rate alongside buildings, beaches, hotels and “restrunts” as reasons to visit, but he just told me he thought they’d be cool.

I’ve never been to Portugal. Now, because of Wee Joe, I really want to see Portugal’s pavements. They’re kinda what I’m most excited about seeing now. I’ve heard they’re cool.

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