Shortbread Scotties

Shortbread! Shaped like Scottie dogs!

Yes, I was reading Scottish Terrier News. It’s an excellent source of Scottie news, should you ever be on the hunt for some. Writing this book has changed me.

Today I’m finishing up the chapter on the Scottie dog festival I went to in Georgia. Just a couple of hours to go to finish the draft, huzzah!


Next I move on to writing up playing golf for the first time at the Snakehole Golf and Country Club in Arizona or the Burns Supper I attended at the Blue Light Lounge police club in Davie, Florida next.

Adrian will be relieved not to have to hear me listening over and over to the audio files from Georgia any more. Very hard to hear the interviews over all those yaps and barks. The snakes in AZ were much quieter. Wait till I start playing the bagpipe-drenched Florida files over and over…

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