The Queen, Prince Philip and Tuna

Since yesterday’s post about Hebridean Leek Pie was so popular, here is another wee ramble about the perplexing menus to be found in the Scottish bars of the United States of America.

I am in Molly McPherson’s Scottish pub in Savannah with my Scottish friend Arran. He is puzzling over the menu.

“Do you think of tuna when you think of Stirling?” he asks unexpectedly.

“Well, I don’t think of either tuna or of Stirling all that often,” I admit.

“There’s Stirling Tuna on the menu,” he tells me.

This seems even more of a stretch than the Braveheart Burgers, Hebridean Leek Pies and Loch Ness Salads usually found strewn on Scottish bar menus.

“But Stirling’s nowhere near the sea. Maybe they meant Stirling lamb… or Stirling venison… or Stirling, um, hedgehog?” I venture.

“Maybe they swim up the Firth of Forth, thinking that Alloa sounds like a nice place for a holiday?” Arran suggests.

“A holiday in Alloa? Surely even tuna wouldn’t be that foolish,” I jump to the tuna’s defence.

All sorts of incredible things have been spotted and documented in the Firth of Forth; sharks, killer whales, porpoises, lobster, oysters, a torpedo, every major supermarket brand of shopping trolley and the Queen and Prince Philip, but not, to my knowledge, tuna. I order it, keen to experience this novel Scottish dish.

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