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I’m being asked for lots of advice on what to do in Glasgow this week. Seems my hometown is on many North Americans’ itineraries. I’ll put together a wee Glasgow guide in the next week or so. But for now, here’s a Lonely Planet/ BBC article online today that talks about the arts scene and museums of Glasgow and says, “Awards aside, Glasgow is a place that moves ideas and culture forward, not just within the city limits, but worldwide. As an epicentre of contemporary visual and performing arts, architecture and design, the city creates with the future in mind while also honouring the city’s rich past.”

But they don’t venture to the West End at all. Outrage! That’s where I insist on all visitors going. That’s where you’ll find Kelvingrove Art Galleries, Glasgow University (the photo is of Glasgow Uni from the back steps of Kelvingrove Art Galleries), Kelvingrove Park, the River Kelvin, Botanic Gardens, the Hidden Lane, Cresswell Lane, Dowanside Lane, Ashton Lane (yes, we tuck a lot of cool stuff down lanes) and Byres Road (where one of my favourite bars serves cocktails in teapots every afternoon…) I think the West End is where people see a Glasgow they’re not expecting. Stay tuned for a wee guide to the place…

Yesterday the BBC/ LP folks ran a piece on Edinburgh. It’s more a headlines kinda piece – castle, cultural festivals, top culinary names – but it’s got some nice stuff on side trips out of the city. They suggest Firth of Forth beaches such as Gullane and, of course, Glasgow.



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