IMG_0241Today I’m in a Venezuelan café where they sell empanadas and play slick R’n’B. I’m drinking very strong coffee that will soon turn me into a crazed monster who will wreak havoc on the world. I’m not supposed to drink coffee.

Usually, at this writing slot time, I write in a Starbucks, its bland anonymity a convenient green screen backdrop for a midday writing stint, but today I’m late starting and thought a wee change (and a venue where I don’t know the wifi password) might be good to shake me into work mode. So far, however, this hasn’t been remarkably successful. I’ve written a birthday card for my dad, planned to check out the cocktail supplies emporium in the next block and started sketching a Blue Jay. Perhaps I should slink back to Starbucks after all. Starbucks has other occasional benefits; The other day the manager gave me a free Rice Krispie square because I was Scottish. Being Scottish is awesome… if you like Rice Krispie squares.


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  1. admin April 26, 2013 at 6:58 am #

    Samuel! Since coming back to Glasgow full-time in October, I’ve found a fantastic source of rice krispie squares made with Mars Bars and TERRY’s CHOCOLATE ORANGE. A combination terrifying in its sheer irresistibility. However, I am very much missing regular access to bibimbap, Korean seafood pancakes and bulgogi. I dream of a land where both can live in harmony. Tuck into something spicy and doused in red pepper and pear sauce for me.

  2. Samuel Jeffery December 13, 2012 at 5:13 am #

    You have no idea what I’d do to have an authentic rice krispie square! Oh, the things I’ve been missing out on living in Korea 🙂

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