TV screenplay, Travel Memoir and Fruit de Mer Fiction

One of the things my mum found most hilarious in life (along with Terry Wogan’s annual commentary on the Eurovision Song Contest and most things after a couple of drams of Jameson’s) was the fact that I once asked for help with the personality quiz question, “Am I Decisive?” I insisted afterwards that I was only asking her that for comic effect. This was a lie. The 15-year-old me really couldn’t decide how to answer that one, because, well, then, as now it depends on the question. The answer “sometimes” was not an option.

So, armed with this piece of information, it may not surprise you to learn that I am currently writing three different books. One fiction. One travel. One not actually a book at all, a TV screenplay/series. My mum would not have approved of this manner of working at all. She would be frowning at me and telling me to do one thing first, then move onto the next, then she would have a couple of drams of Jameson, see a picture of Terry Wogan and his unflinching hair and forget about her chastising.

But I enjoy ricocheting (during my more energetic days) or drifting (on days like today) from one to the other, depending on my mood, the weather, the surroundings I am in and the number of distractions/eavesdropping opportunities in the vicinity. I enjoy the variety of writing about Michigan, seahorses and the crises of the ex-pat all in the same day, almost as much as I enjoyed my mum’s enjoyment of Terry Wogan’s wisecracks.

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